Table 10

Table: High- risk fertility behavior

                                                                                    Percent distribution of children born in the five years preceding the survey by category of elevated risk of
                                                                                    mortality and the risk ratio, and percent distribution of currently married women by category of risk if they
                                                                                    were to conceive a child at the time of the survey, Cambodia 2005

Risk category Births in the 5 years Preceding the survey Percentage of currently married women assigned to the risk category1
Percentage of births Risk ratio
Not in any high-risk category 29.0 1.00 19.8a
Unavoidable risk category
  First-order births
  between ages 18 and 34
24.3 1.12 5.8
Single high-risk category
  Mother's age<18 2.7 1.55 0.3
  Mother's age>34 3.0 2.19 6.7
  Birth interval<24 months 7.2 1.82 9.4
  Birth order > 3 15.0 1.32 10.5
Subtotal 27.9 1.56 26.9
Multiple high-risk category
  Age<18 and birth
  interval<24 months2
0.2 * 0.1
  Age<34 and birth
  interval<24 months
0.4 (3.70) 0.4
  Age<34 and birth
12.8 1.61 38.2
  Age<18 and birth
  interval<24 months and
  birth order >3
2.0 3.79 3.6
  Birth interval<24 months
  and birth order >3
3.4 3.16 5.2
Subtotal 18.7 2.16 47.4
In any avoidable high-risk category 46.6 1.80 74.3
  Total 100.0 na 100.0
  Number of births 7,789 na 10,087

                                                                                  Note: Risk ratio is the ratio of the proportion dead among births in a specific high-risk category to
                                                                                  the proportion dead among births not in any high risk category. Figures in parentheses are based on
                                                                                  25-49 unweighted cases. An asterisk indicates that a figure is based on fewer than 25 unweighted cases
                                                                                  and has been suppressed.
                                                                                  na = Not applicable
                                                                                                                           1   Women are assigned to risk categories according to the status they would have the birth of a child if
                                                                                  they were to conceive at time of the survey: current age less than 17 years and 3 months or order than
                                                                                  34 years and 2 months, latest birth less than 15 months ago, or latest birth being of order 3 or higher.
                                                                                                                           2   Includes the category age <18 and birth order>3
                                                                                                                           a   includes sterilized women