General Information

The National Institute of Statistics (NIS), which is part of the Ministry of Planning, is the focal point on statistical matters in Cambodia. The NIS compiles and consolidates statistics provided by decentralized offices and also collects primary data through household and establishment surveys and population, agricultural and economic censuses. Many development partners financially and technically assisted NIS since 1993.

Cambodia has a decentralized statistical structure. There are statistical bureaus and sections within planning and statistics departments of the various Ministries and in the planning and statistical units in the provinces and districts.

The NIS is headed by a Director General who is assisted by Deputy Directors General. It has 10 Departments:

1. Social Statistics Department

2. Demographic Statistics, Census and Survey Department

3. Economic Statistics Department

4. National Accounts Department

5. ICT Department

6. Statistical Standard and Analyses Department

7. Statistical Policies and Cooperation Department

8. Sub National Statistics Department

9. Science, Technology and Innovation Statistics department

10. Statistical Information Services department

The NIS is working to prepare the Sub Decree on designated official statistic. The mechanism of coordination include SAC(Statistics Advisory Council) and SCC( Statistics Coordination Committee).